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THE Tropical Savannas Cooperative Research Centre submitted a business case to the CRC Secretariat for a new CRC for Tropical Savannas Futures, but despite making it to a short list of 20 proposals, our case was not successful. The new CRC aimed to create opportunities for Natural Resource Management and environmental service-based industries and enterprises across northern Australia — to enhance sustainable land management, as well as the north's industrial, commercial and economic growth. This would have been done with four research programs.

  • Sustainable beef production: aimed to enable high standards of resource stewardship and increased production, improved product recognition and value.

  • Resource access and offsets for major developers and land managers: would have developed options for commercial delivery of environmental services (such as the West Arnhem Land Fire Management Agreement, see article link below). These services aimed to produce regional social, economic and environmental benefits, principally through the mining and energy sectors.

  • Indigenous and remote community livelihoods: aimed to build new and stronger enterprises and employment opportunities for remote communities and Indigenous people.

  • Indigenous engagement and capacity building: would have matched the above activities to Indigenous aspirations and capacity, and designed projects to increase opportunities for Indigenous participation and development.
You can read about the Tropical Savannas Futures proposal in our Centre section.

Despite this setback, there is still a need for research that addresses these areas, particularly now that there is a new focus on the agricultural potential of north Australia given the dry conditions further south. Research is required that develops and applies innovative technologies and knowledge systems; identifies and analyses economic opportunities arising from provision of environmental services; informs policy and institutional arrangements; builds knowledge, skills and human capability to support regional economic growth; and assesses employment opportunities for local people, and education and training implications.

The experience of the Tropical Savannas CRC has shown that this research can be very productive if it is built around practical experiences in northern Australia, draws on people from different sectors, regions and internationally, and structures research programs to accommodate regional differences. All programs benefit from involving end-users in designing, conducting and implementing research.

The CRC will continue until mid–2008 and will investigate ways to support the research and user engagement model it has established into the future.


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