Water managers

Two of the Centre's first-round projects dealt with the management of water - an important resource in the tropical savannas.

  • Ord River's Riparian Zone. Between 1999 and 2002 this project used the Ord River (WA) as a case study to better understand the resources, values, processes and threats to riparian (riverside) systems of the tropical savannas. It also aimed to provide land managers and land-use planners with knowledge of those factors so that riparian resources can be managed, used and developed in ways that will sustain or enhance their values. 
  • Water and Carbon Exchange. This project researched the hydro-ecology and carbon balance of the tropical savannas. A knowledge of the patterns of savanna water use is particularly important in an environment where water is such a key resource, for humans and for vegetation, and this information is vital in ensuring that water-resource development in the tropical savannas is sustainable.

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