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Agriculture has always been a problematic proposition in the savannas: many consider the climate too harsh, predators too voracious and water too scarce. But large-scale cropping in areas such as the Kimberley and the Gulf which have access to large river systems have their advocates ... and adversaries. Read more ...

Sustainable water resources

Knowledge of the patterns of savanna water use is important in an environment where water is such a key resource. Read about our research into hydro-ecology and the carbon balance of tropical savannas
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Rivers, streams, and waterholes

River in the savannas

Savanna Riparian Health The river systems of the tropical savannas may not take up a lot of land but they are vital habitat for many native plants and animals—as well as being great places for a spot of fishing.

This project brings together researchers from Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia to produce:

  1. definitions of riparian health
  2. practical methods to assess them
  3. an understanding of the effects of potentially threatening processes and
  4. an evaluation of techniques to manage those threats.
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The Ord River

Between 1999 and 2002 CRC researchers used the Ord River (WA) as a case study to better understand the resources, values, processes and threats to riverside systems of the tropical savannas.

Landscape ecology

How effectively are water and nutrients are
cycled through soils in the savannas?