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The Tropical Savannas CRC has published a photo history of environmental change in the Northern Territory's Victoria River District.

Historian Darrell Lewis looks at the district from the time of European explorers to the present day, and features pairs of historical and modern photographs that reveal how the country has altered. Click here to read more >>

Savanna Explorer

Our new website, Savanna Explorer, has landscape change photos from the Victoria River District of the Northern Territory. Go there to view the photos >>


The Dynamic Savanna project will bring together a wide group of people interested in the ecology and productivity of woodlands. The CRC project will interact several projects from other agencies, as well as the CRC's fire management research activities.

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Vegetation change in northern Australia

Timber Creek 1950

Above, Timber Creek in the Northern Territory in 1950, and again in 1996, below. There is a widespread view that the primary cause of thickening is an interaction between fire and grazing; however in some areas thickening is occurring in the absence of grazing, and in other areas uncontrolled wildfire is causing thinning. We need to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the direction of change in savanna ecosystems.

Timber Creek 1996

Vegetation thickening and thinning is a widespread ecological phenomenon in tropical Australian savannas.

Because they affect the tree–grass balance, both thickening and thinning of vegetation are likely to impact on pastoral productivity and on habitat for biodiversity.

The Dynamic Savanna project will try to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the direction of change in savanna ecosystems, assess the rate of this change, to document the native and exotic species involved, and to clarify the effects of a diverse range of causal factors on the balance between grass and woody vegetation in the savannas.

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Savanna Explorer 

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Land Manager

For more specific information to help with land management in the north, you can explore the North Australian Land Manager website, which has a "clearing house" of practical information for people involved in managing natural resources in northern Australia. Go to:

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This site, developed by the CRC, is used by land managers to monitor bushfires across northern Australia and is now a key land management tool. Go to:


This website for schools presents the knowledge and people involved in sustainable natural and cultural resource management across north Australia in an accessible way. The site was developed with schools and the NT Education Department and features interactive modules that bring the savannas and their management to life. Go to:

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The CRC's newsletter, Savanna Links, provided news and information on a broad range of land management issues, research and events across the tropical savannas. In print from1996-2009, there is a substantial archive on issues of concern to the north. Go to Savanna Links>>