The Centre has two projects that examine the impacts of tourism on communities in the tropical savannas. These projects are part of the Regional Planning and Management Theme and their results will be useful in tourism planning.

  • Community Benefits from Tourism  Tourism is becoming increasingly important to the economy of regional communities in the tropical savannas, however, it may not benefit those communities where visitors spend little money but draw heavily on the services and natural resources. This project examines how tourism may be better planned in two remote areas of the tropical savannas in the Gulf region of Qld and the Kimberley of WA. 
  • Tourism, Two Laws and Savanna Lands One of the great draw-cards of the tropical savannas for tourists is the opportunity it offers for visitors to come into contact with Aboriginal culture. But how does the influx of visitors affect the already complex relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous communities in small remote communities? How does tourism affect the already evolving state of indigenous knowledge? This project examines these issues in the Boroloola region of the NT Gulf.

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