Regional resource planning

Status: Complete

Leader: Dr Allan Dale, Qld Dept. Natural Resources & Mines, Brisbane

Full title: Regional vegetation management & water resource planning for sustainable landscape management
Project 3.2.2

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This project evaluated regional vegetation and water resource allocation and management planning in the Burdekin-Fitzroy region of Queensland at the south-eastern extent of the tropical savannas.

This region in the midst of concurrent regional vegetation, water allocation and community-based NRM planning activities.

Practical support for planners to improve the health of their regional planning system is critical. Using a participatory in-progress evaluation approach, the project identified strengths and limitations of these planning activities as well as adaptive management opportunities for improved coordination and integration of participation, decision-making, technical information and planning outcomes.

Now complete, the project addressed stakeholder participation, use of information and coordination between government and community-driven planning processes. Two guidance-focused / training modules on improving planning integration were developed, and a final report is now in preparation. The work of this project will now contribute to the new CRC project, Healthy savanna planning systems (3.3.5).

Advice on planning integration

The training modules now form part of the formal set of guidance material for regional NRM bodies and regional government planning teams. They will support the implementation of the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality and Natural Heritage Trust in savanna regions.

You can download these papers at the bottom of the page as electronic documents.

  • Supporting integration of Regional Vegetation Management Planning and Regional NRM plans and arrangements, February 2003
  • Supporting integration of Water Resource Planning and Regional NRM plans and arrangements, June 2003

The guidelines identify:

  • Practical inputs to the NRM plans from the statutory planning including relevant targets, policy, investment criteria, monitoring standards etc.
  • Broader service flows and ongoing relationships through for example: developing shared or complimentary monitoring frameworks; triggers for plan review; support for complimentary on-ground investment at property scale etc.

R&D and planning processes

Highlights included the extent the Research & Development was able to directly inform and influence the planning processes as they evolved in those regions.

Maintaining effective (yet objective) operational relationships with the departmental planning teams and community-based organisations such as the Burdekin Dry Tropics Board and the Fitzroy Basin Association was critical to this. The key challenge was adapting the evaluation approach to the changing regional planning context as it evolves during the life of the project.

Key findings were reported to vegetation planners and an adaptive management work plan negotiated for the region.

Future directions

The evaluation framework applied in this project will now contribute to the statewide regionally focused monitoring and evaluation framework aimed at tracking and improving the health of regional planning arrangements. Development of this framework will take place within the TS–CRC project Healthy savanna planning systems (3.3.5), due to start in early 2004

Project team

Allan Dale, Qld Dept. Natural Resources & Mines
Bruce Taylor, CSIRO SE

Collaborating staff

Rod Hewitt, Qld Dept. Natural Resources & Mines
Andrea Leverington, Qld Dept. Natural Resources & Mines
Michael McDougall, Qld Dept. Natural Resources & Mines
Greg Claydon, Qld Dept. Natural Resources & Mines
Peter Gilbey, Qld Dept. Natural Resources & Mines
Jason Douglas, Qld Dept. Natural Resources & Mines
Adam West, Qld Dept. Natural Resources & Mines
Kirk Smith, Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM Board
Arwen Rickert, Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM Board
Barbara Wilden, Fitzroy Basin Association
Suzie Christensen, Fitzroy Basin Association
Michael Bradby, Qld Dept. Natural Resources & Mines


Dr Allan Dale
Chief Executive Officer
Terrain NRM
Tel: 07 4043 8025

Mobile: 0418 736 422

PO Box 1756


Info Sheet: Bioregional planning in regional Australia
Bioregional planning in regional Australia & Improving vegetation and water-resource planning. Second-round CRC project [pdf 48.7 kb]

Integration of Water Resource Planning & Regional NRM Plans & Arrangements
[doc 112.5 kb]

Supporting integration of water resource planning & regional NRM plans & arrangements
[pdf 573.5 kb]