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Research Projects by Number

Gaps in numbering arise from projects still under development and connections to First-round CRC projects. Each project title listed below is linked to the project page which summarises the project's research. Contact details for project leaders can be found on that page.

Project 1.1.1 — Predicting outcomes of management

Project Leader: Dr John Ludwig, CSIRO SE, Darwin

Project 1.1.3 — Soil biota, nutrients and water in savannas

Project Leaders: Ms Tracy Dawes-Gromadzki, CSIRO SE, Darwin
Mr Mike Webb CSIRO Land and Water, Townsville

Project 1.1.4 — Savanna carbon dynamics

Project Leaders: Mr Chris Stokes, CSIRO SE, Townsville
Mr Dick Williams CSIRO SE, Darwin

Project 1.1.5 — Impacts of exotic grasses

Project Leaders: Dr Samantha Setterfield, CDU, Darwin,
Dr Michael Douglas, CDU, Darwin,
Dr Tony Grice CSIRO SE, Townsville
Mr John Clarskson, EPA, Mareeba

Project 1.2.1 — Savanna Riparian Health

Project Leaders: Dr Michael Douglas, CDU, Darwin

Project 1.2.2 — Mammal status in northern Australia

Project Leader: Dr John Woinarski, NT Dept Infrastructure, Planning & Environment, Darwin
This project has been integrated into Savanna Biodiversity 

Project 2.1.1  Grazing management tools

Project Leaders: Mr Neil McDonald, NT Dept Primary Industry & Fisheries

Project 2.1.2 — Biodiversity on grazing lands

Project Leader: Dr Alaric Fisher, NT Dept Natural Resources, Environment & the Arts, Darwin  

Project 2.1.4 — FIREPLAN: Fire management for the savanna community

Project Leader: Dr Jeremy Russell-Smith, Bushfires Council of the NT

Project 2.2.1 — Beef Industry Best Practice

Project Leader: Mr Stephen Tapsall TS–CRC, CDU

Project 2.2.3 — Biodiversity monitoring

Project Leader: Alaric Fisher, NT Dept Infrastructure, Planning & Environment, Darwin  

Project 2.3.3 — Indigenous ecological knowledge for land management

Project Leaders: Dr Tom Vigilante, Kimberley Land Council
Mr Peter Cooke, Northern Land Council
Mr Nick Smith, Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation

Project 2.4.1—The dynamic savanna:  Assessing and managing structural change in woody vegetation in northern Australian savannas

Project Leaders: Prof. Dave Gillieson, JCU, Cairns 
Dr Garry Cook , CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Darwin

Project 2.4.2— Savanna Biodiversity

Project leader: Dr John Woinarski, NT Dept  Infrastructure, Planning & Environment, Darwin

Project 3.1.3 — Knowledge-building

Project Leader: Prof. Ockie Bosch, University of Queensland, Gatton

Project 3.1.5 — Modelling regional dynamics

Project Leader: Dr Mark Stafford Smith, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Alice Springs
1-year scoping project, completed 2004

Project 3.1.7 — Community benefits from tourism

Project Leaders: Dr Romy Greiner CSIRO SE
Dr Tom Vigilante, Land+Sea Management Unit, Kimberley Land Council

Project 3.2.1 — Bioregional planning in Australia’s savannas

Project Leader: Prof. Geoff McDonald, University of Queensland, Brisbane

Project 3.2.2 — Regional resource planning

Project Leader: Mr Allan Dale, Qld Dept. Natural Resources & Mines, Brisbane

Project 3.3.3 — Tourism, Two Laws and Savanna lands

Project Leader:  Dr John Bradley, University of Queensland, Brisbane

Project 3.3.5 — Multiple use in savanna regions

Project leader: Dr Tim Lynam, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Townsville 

Project 4.1.1 — Higher Education

Project Leader: Dr Penny Wurm, NTU, Darwin

Project 4.3.1 — Communication resources for the tropical savannas

Project Leader: Dr Peter Jacklyn, TS–CRC, NTU, Darwin

Project 4.3.2—Tropical Savannas Knowledge for Schools

Project Leaders: Ms Julie Crough, Tropical Savannas CRC; Ms Louise Fogg, NT DEET

Project 4.4.2—Integrating research and Indigenous land management

Project Leader: Mr Joe Morrison, NAILSMA