Landscape Ecology

Projects researching basic Landscape & Ecology are helping us understand problems like erosion and nutrient run-off in the soil-poor regions of the savannas. Click here to read more >>


Read about CSIRO's eight-year sustainable grazing study: Ecograze, and its recommendations for northern graziers. Click here >>


Projects that contribute to sustainable grazing

  • Beef Industry Best Practice
  • Biodiversity on Grazing lands
  • Grazing Management Tools

Grazing management is a key issue for the health of tropical savannas as it is the dominant land use. The current round of the CRC has three projects that aim to contribute to sustainable land management for graziers. However, many of our projects will also contribute to knowledge on sustainable grazing.

Beef Industry Best Practice is linked to efforts to develop Environmental Management Systems for the northern grazing industry.

Biodiversity on Grazing lands Native plants and animals do better if parts of a property are not grazed or are only lightly grazed, but how much land needs to be put aside or lightly grazed?

Grazing Management tools This project is developing and promoting long-term grazing carrying capacity as a tool for sustainable management and structural adjustment across the savannas.

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Savanna Explorer 

To read more about general land management issues in northern Australia—as well as the ecology, flora, fauna and communities—go to our website, Savanna Explorer. Go to:

Land Manager

For more specific information to help with land management in the north, you can explore the North Australian Land Manager website, which has a "clearing house" of practical information for people involved in managing natural resources in northern Australia. Go to:

North Australian Fire Information

This site, developed by the CRC, is used by land managers to monitor bushfires across northern Australia and is now a key land management tool. Go to:


This website for schools presents the knowledge and people involved in sustainable natural and cultural resource management across north Australia in an accessible way. The site was developed with schools and the NT Education Department and features interactive modules that bring the savannas and their management to life. Go to:

Savanna Links

The CRC's newsletter, Savanna Links, provided news and information on a broad range of land management issues, research and events across the tropical savannas. In print from1996-2009, there is a substantial archive on issues of concern to the north. Go to Savanna Links>>