Fire managers

The Centre's fire-management research is centred around the FIREPLAN project. This project works closely with different land managers and is part of the  Industry and Community Natural Resource Management Theme.

  • FIREPLAN  Fire is one issue that affects almost everyone in northern Australia - from the whole spectrum of land managers to urban dwellers. FIREPLAN builds on the work of the Fire and Savanna Landscapes project of the previous CRC: it focuses on regional studies in which practical fire-management strategies are worked out between researchers and different land manager communities on the ground.  The four existing studies in Cape York (Qld) , Arnhem Land, VRD/Sturt Plateau (NT) and the Kimberley (WA) will be joined by studies in the Gulf (Qld), the Barkly tablelands (Qld) and Eastern Indonesia. This comprehensive range of studies is supported by a number of bodies apart from the CRC such as the Federal Government's NHT program and ACIAR.

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