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Knowledge Building and Education

The Centre has three projects concerned with knowledge-building and education. Many people in the tropical savannas live in remote areas and find it difficult to access relevant information about land management. A high priority for the Centre is to make the findings of land management research more easily accessible to research users including land managers, agency staff and students.

  • Knowledge building   This project looks at how different forms of knowledge can be embedded in management practices on the ground – through a process of knowledge building that involves local communities and research providers. The project will establish a case study in the northern Gulf region of Queensland. 
  • Higher education  A key goal of the Centre is to support the universities in north Australia produce graduates who are well equipped to deal with the sustainable land management issues in the tropical savannas. To this end, this project provides higher education programs incorporating tropical savannas research findings as well as providing postgraduate opportunities for a range of research users in north Australia.
  • Tropical Savannas Knowledge for Schools will provide curriculum support resources and materials that enhance and improve the understanding of Australia’s tropical savannas.
  • Communication resources  This project develops communication resources for research users of the tropical savannas: the website Savanna Information, web-based GIS maps, dedicated websites for projects and publications and newsletters.

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