Indigenous projects

The Centre's first-round projects on indigenous land management focused on issues of regional importance in various places across northern Australia.

  • Aboriginal Pastoralists. In the Kimberley region of WA, a significant proportion of pastoral properties are now owned by Aboriginal groups. What are the approaches such groups take to pastoral land management and what implications does this have for sustainable land management planning? Click on the menu to find out more.
  • The Arafura Catchment in the central north coast of Arnhem Land is managed by Aboriginal communities who need to cope with new problems of weeds and feral animals. This project helped build their capacity to deal with these issues. Click on the menu to find out more.
  • Cape York. Aboriginal communities and non-Aboriginal researchers are both concerned about sustainable land use yet often have difficulty communicating and working together. This project aimed to bridge that gap for Aboriginal communities in Cape York. Click on the menu to find out more.
  • North Kimberley. This project provided information support to assist traditional owners  in the North Kimberlley develop a vision and a management strategy for the region on their own terms. Click on the menu to find out more.
  • Upper Daly. The project aimed to assist traditional owners of the Upper Daly Land Trust in addressing the land management problems they face. Click on the menu to find out more.
  • Weeds in NLC area. This project has produced a report Not From Here: plant invasions on Aboriginal Land of the Top End  that provides an overview of the weed management issues in the various catchments of lands administered by the Northern Land Council in the NT. Click on the menu to find out more.