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First-round CRC Research Themes

Scroll through the titles on the left for full descriptions of the CRC's first-round research themes.

North Australia Landscape

This theme provided the research needed for a comprehensive atlas of northern Australia. It provided descriptions and definitions of minerals, native plants and animals, soils and crops. It looked at the status of waterways, soils, pastures and biodiversity.

Landscape Processes

This theme investigated how the landscapes of the tropical savannas work. It looked at how water from rainfall and nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen are cycled through the atmosphere, the soils, and the plants and animals of the tropical savannas.

Ecosystem Management

This theme investigated the effects that activities such as grazing and disturbances like wildfire and weed invasion have on the landscape.

Human Capability Development

This theme enhanced the knowledge and skills of people who are stakeholders in the tropical savannas