Issue 7, July - August 1998

Voices tell of fiery northern landscapes

Fire on the Savannas Book cover

The booklet has wide-ranging views on fire management in Australia's north

Fire on the Savannas: Voices from the Landscape, the TS-CRC's booklet on the experiences and opinions of some of the north's fire managers is now in print. The genesis for the booklet were interviews conducted at the TS-CRC's fire management workshop held in March this year. This workshop brought together pastoralists, indigenous land managers, scientists, conservationists, tour operators, miners and the military.

The booklet is not an authoritative text on fire management, but a fascinating account of viewpoints to fire management in the north, illustrating where these views diverge and meet. Proceedings of the workshop are also now in print.

The proceedings of another fire management workshop, held in the remote Aboriginal community of Kalumburu in the North Kimberley region of Western Australia are also now in print. This earlier workshop was held over 10 days in 1997 and addressed a range of regional fire management issues.

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