Issue 28, April - June 2004

NAILSMA sets northern agenda

members of NAILSMA at agenda setting workshop

Agenda-setting workshop: The North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance has been meeting with its partners to work out a framework for the future.

Pictured from left are Peter Yu, Jim Davis, Ari Gorring, Michael Storrs, Peter Cooke, Joe Morrison, Lisa Binge, Paul Jenkins, Kelly Gardner and Paul Josif.

THE North Australia Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA) has been preparing for a crucial period of development in the north—a workshop held in Darwin recently brought together the north’s Indigenous land councils to discuss how they will collaborate.

It was also agreed that the first north Australia Land and Sea Man­a­g­e­ment Forum will be held at Menn­gen Outstation on Innesvale Station west of Katherine in August, hosted by Traditional Owner Bill Harney, and the Wardaman Assoc­iation.

The workshop discussed current and future projects including Ind­igenous knowledge conservation, turtle and dugong management, fire management, leadership support and the need to begin working on water issues across the north. An important outcome was the develop­ment of an operational framework and govern­ance arrangements. CRC co-Theme Leader and NAILSMA coordinator Joe Morrison said that the workshop was very much needed.

“It is a time when development across the north is at a crucial period for Indigenous people,” he said. “Indigenous people need to have meaningful engagement and their aspirations met on their terms.

“Each land and sea unit manager also gave a report on their regional activ­ities—which made for interest­ing collab­orative decision making with a north Australian focus,” said Joe.

Held from 25–26 May, the meeting was attended by rep­re­sentatives from the Northern Land Council, Balkanu Cape York Develop­ment Corporation, Kimberly Land Council (KLC), Carp­entaria Land Council Aboriginal Corp­or­ation, Indigenous Land Corp­oration and staff from the Tropical Savannas CRC. The workshop was chaired by former KLC director, Peter Yu, and all participants expressed their desire to continue to work with Peter.


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