Issue 22, April - July 2002

Projects take up new CRC research directions

NEW research projects are now formally under way in the Tropical Savannas CRC, since gaining approval by the CRC’s Board at its meeting in June. These projects reflect the CRC’s greater focus on the practicalities of managing land and integrating its biophysical, social and economic aspects. A few project proposals are undergoing some revision, but we are confident that they will be fully developed and ready to start by the October Board meeting later this year. Following are the new projects and their respective project leaders:

Theme 1—Landscape Ecology and Health (Leader: John Ludwig, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems)
  • Predicting outcomes of savanna management: ecological interactions and socio-economic trade-offs across landscape scales: John Gross, John Ludwig, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Qld.
  • Effects of disturbance on biota, and nutrient and water dynamics for landscape function in tropical savannas: Garry Cook, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, NT; Mike Webb, CSIRO Land & Water, Qld.
  • Understanding the impacts of disturbance on woodland dynamics and carbon cycling to improve savanna management and health: Andrew Ash, Dick Williams, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems Qld & NT
  • Biodiversity on the fault lines: examination of mammal decline across northern Australia, and implications for management: John Woinarski, Parks & Wildlife Commission of the NT.
  • Savanna Riparian Health: definition, indicators and response to management: Michael Douglas, Northern Territory University; George Lukacs, James Cook University, Qld.
  • The impacts of exotic grass establishment on basic savanna function: using ecological information for better management: Samantha Settlefield, Michael Douglas, Northern Territory University; Tony Grice, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Qld.
Theme 2—Industry and Community Natural Resource Management (Leader: Jill Landsberg, James Cook University, Qld Parks & Wildlife Service)
  • Refining methods of off-reserve conservation of biodiversity in tropical savanna rangelands: Alaric Fisher, Parks & Wildlife Commission of the NT, NT.
  • FIREPLAN: Fire management for the savanna community: Jeremy Russell-Smith, Bushfires Council NT.
  • North Australian beef industry natural resource management best practice project: Stephen Tapsall, TS–CRC, NT.
  • Monitoring biodiversity health in tropical savanna rangelands: Alaric Fisher, Parks & Wildlife Commission of the NT.
  • Indigenous ecological knowledge for land management: Mark Horstman, Kimberley Land Council (WA); Peter Cooke, Northern Land Council (NT); Nick Smith, Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation (Qld).
    A major grazing land-management project, involving both Queensland, Western Australia and the Territory, is currently being finalised and will begin later in 2002.
Theme 3—Regional Planning and Management (Leader: Dan Walker, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems)
  • Integrating research and management at property and regional scales through participatory knowledge-building: Ockie Bosch, Helen Ross, University of Queensland.
  • Integrating people, properties, policies and plans between regional and property scales: Helen Ross, Ockie Bosch, University of Queensland.
  • Analytical and modelling methods for characterising regional community, economic and natural resource dynamics: Mark Stafford Smith, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, NT.
  • Improving the benefits to savanna communities from tourism: Romy Greiner, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Qld; Mark Horstman, Kimberley Land Council, WA.
  • Bioregional planning in Australia’s savannas: Geoff McDonald, University of Queensland.
  • Regional vegetation management and water resource planning for sustainable landscape management: Allan Dale, Dept. Natural Resources & Mines, Qld.
  • Tourism and two laws on the Gulf Savannah (NT). An examination of the interrelationships between social and environmental well being on the savanna lands of the southwest Gulf of Carpentaria: John Bradley, University of Queensland.
Theme4—Human Capability Development (Leader: Ian Falk)
  • Higher education: Penny Wurm, NTU, NT.
  • Communication resources for the tropical savannas: Peter Jacklyn, TS–CRC, NT.
  • Indigenous Capacity Building (proposal under development): Ian Falk, NTU, Rosemary Hill, JCU, Qld.
  • Scoping study: Natural resource management on Aboriginal land: David Epworth, Balkanu Corporation, Qld.


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