Issue 21, January - April 2002

Fire Book Launched in Queensland

The TS-CRC's book on fire management Savanna Burning was launched in Townsville at a meeting of the Queensland Rural Fire Service on March 15 - and will be launched in the NT at a volunteers event for the Bush Fires Council of the NT in late April.

The book is also being shown around various meetings associated with fire management in the Kimberley.

Savanna Burning provides for the first time a practical and comprehensive guide to managing fires in north Queensland and tropical Australia. Published by the Tropical Savannas CRC, the book uses practical case studies from land managers as well as collating the findings of researchers on fire from north Queensland and across northern Australia.

The books' 40 contributors have a wealth of experience in managing and researching fires across northern Australia. They include rural fire agency staff, graziers , fire and weed researchers and Aboriginal fire managers.

The authors offer advice on many issues of practical concern in the north including:

  • Savanna ecosystems and fire regimes;
  • How fire affects plants and animals;
  • Aboriginal fire management;
  • Managing pasture condition with fire;
  • Controlling weeds with fire;
  • Controlling woody thickening; and
  • Controlling and fighting wildfires.

Price: $30.00 within Australia; $45 overseas (postage, handling and GST incl.)

See below for more information and order forms.

To purchase a copy, contact Melissa Tang, Tropical Savannas CRC.