Issue 18, April - June 2001

Eureka! Territory scientist wins national science award

John Woinarski (left) receiving his Eureka award

John Woinarski, left, receives the Eureka Prize for Biodiversity Research
Photo: Australian Museum

DARWIN scientist Dr John Woinarski has been awarded the 2001 Eureka Prize for Biodiversity Research.

This prize, sponsored by the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and the Australian Museum, is one of Australia’s premier awards for scientific research. John is principal research scientist with the Parks & Wildlife Commission and a research project leader with the Tropical Savannas CRC.

His award recognises more than 10 years of outstanding research examining the distribution and status of animals and plants in northern Australia, the response of this wildlife to land use and management, and conservation issues in northern Australia generally.

Professor Henry Nix, from the Australian National University, said that few Australian ecologists could match the range, scope and depth of John’s contributions to our understanding of biodiversity. John said that he was delighted to win the award, and that it recognised the excellent work undertaken by the PWCNT and a range of other agencies in the north.

“In Darwin, we now have a particularly productive community of environmental research scientists,” he said. “From Parks and Wildlife, CSIRO, the Tropical Savannas CRC and the Key Centre for Tropical Wildlife Management at NTU, who do work of national and international significance.”


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