The Nature of Northen Australia - Natural values, ecological processes and future prospects

Cover of Nature of Northern Australia

by John Woinarski, Brendan Mackey, Henry Nix and Barry Traill (2007)

ISBN 9781921313301 (pbk.)
ISBN 9781921313318 (online)

The book offers a synthesis of the natural values and ecology of north Australia together with recommendations for actions needed to maintain these values. The book’s authors, John Woinarski (NRETA), Brendan Mackey (ANU), Henry Nix (ANU) and Barry Traill (Pugh Foundation, formerly The Wilderness Society) have brought together a great deal of recent research in these areas, much of it enabled by the TS–CRC partners, particularly through John Woinarski and NRETA.

Chapters cover "The Land and its People", "How the Landscape Works", "The Natural Values of Northern Australia", "Problems in the Landscape" and "A Sustainable Future for Northern Australia". The book also includes new research that among other things has produced some notable maps that place the tropical savannas’ natural values in global and national contexts.

The Nature of Northern Australia was supported by the TS–CRC, The Wilderness Society, the Myer Foundation and Charles Darwin University.

It is published by ANU EPress.