Slower than the eye can see

Cover of Slower the eye can see

THIS book, by historian Darrell Lewis, documents the changes that have occurred in the landscapes of the Victoria River District of the Northern Territory. Many of these changes are reported from across the tropical savannas—the ‘thickening up’ of vegetation, the spread of ‘woody weeds’ and many less obvious trends.

Slower than the Eye can See looks at the district’s environment from the time of the European explorers to the present day, and features remarkable pairs of historical and modern photographs that reveal how the country has altered, quite dramatically in some cases. Excerpts from diaries, newspaper and journal accounts of the time all build a fascinating picture of the region and how its inhabitants viewed it.

The book also describes the changes in fire and grazing practice and their role in landscape change. Published by the Tropical Savannas CRC, the book will interest pastoralists, researchers, conservation and indigenous land managers and all who want to know about the history of outback Australia.

Darrell Lewis, Tropical Savannas CRC, Nov. 2002, Price: $ 15, 104 pp. ISBN 0 9581014 0 X

Research on vegetation change

The Tropical Savannas CRC has begun a research project into thickening and thinning of vegetation across the savannas.

The Dynamic Savanna, which began in 2005, will develop better methods for quantifying woody vegetation change, then apply those methods to selected case study areas to investigate the nature, extent, causes, impacts and treatments of woody vegetation change across northern Australia.

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