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Tropical Topics - a newsletter that was produced by the Environmental Protection Agency and was written, edited and produced by Stella Martin. Publication has now ceased, but we have archived the issues that focused on the dry tropics in this section.

Here you can catch up on  lizards, geckoes and crocs of the savannas, wetlands, woodlands and termites, as well as mammals and savanna birds. Go there now >>

Savanna Links Was our regular newsletter with information, news and links to a broad range of sustainable land-management research in the tropical savannas. Savanna Links is no longer produced, however, past issues are available to either view on the Web, or download and print-out.

Annual Reports These give a detailed summary of the TS–CRC's activities and progress since 1995-6. They can be downloaded as PDFs.


Savanna NRM Websites

For more information and tools for natural resource management, check out the resources in our Savanna Information section.

These include Land Manager, an online clearinghouse of practical information for northern land managers and the North Australian Fire Information website, which tracks fires and maps fire scars.