Managing for healthy country in the VRD

cover of Managing for Healthy Country in the VRD


Edited by Maria Kraatz
This book looks at the status and ecology of the VRD, natural resource management issues and priorities.

Price: $9.90 (GST inc.) ISBN: 0-9587376-8-1

THIS new TS–CRC book brings together a range of research findings relevant to the Victoria River District—which covers an area of more than 125,000 km2 about 500 km south of Darwin—and gives recommendations for on-ground land management.

Written and compiled by Maria Kraatz, the book is based on a workshop held in November 1999 which aimed to draw together the results of all the research being conducted by the TS-CRC on the status and ecology of the VRD and to develop a common understanding of natural resource management issues and priorities.

The VRD is a mix of grassy plains, rolling savannas, rocky spinifex country and spectacular mesas and plateaux. Pastoralism is by far the dominant land use in the district, however, there are also Aboriginal and conservation lands. Weeds, fire, feral animals and erosion are common natural resource management issues to each of these land users.

The growth of the live export market, establishment of the Bradshaw Field Training Area and the development on the Ord Scheme Stage 2 all have the potential to change the face of land use in the district. Its chapters include information on what we currently know of the region’s geology, soils, climate, vegetation and fauna, as well as the types of land use and economic development.

It also outlines research results relating to vegetation structure and function, water use by vegetation and impacts of fire and grazing on pastures and on native plants and animals. A chapter on managing for the future looks at best practice management and sustainable management issues and priorities.