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Healthy Country Indicator Species for Cape York Peninsula

by Gabriel Crowley, Taegan Calnan, Wendy Seabrook and Riikka Hokkanen (2007)

published by the Tropical Savannas CRC

Cape  York Peninsula Landcare and the Tropical Savannas CRC have produced a new guide for land managers to improve the knowledge of biodiversity of this unique region. The booklet was written specifically for managers of pastoral properties, but the information has wider applications.

The guide contains profiles of 21 species that are found in the different habitats on the peninsula, and have a wide range of habitat requirements. It includes a range of threatened and secure plants and animal species. Each species profile is on a separate card, collected into a ring binder that is small enough to live in the glove box of the station ute. Durable, waterproof materials were used so that the booklet can be taken into the field.

As well as the information on individual species, the introduction explains the principles of best practice land management in simple terms. 

Hardcopies are free to Cape York residents; $10 for others. They are available from Cape York Peninsula Landcare Program, Cooktown, and the TS–CRC.
You can download PDFs of species profiles and other sections of the booklet here.


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