Focus on Burdekin rangelands

Cover of Burdekin rangelands book
Edited by Marnie McCullough and Barbara Musso

Price: 49.95; 240 pp; ISBN: 0 9581014 4 2 

AT more than 240 pages, Healthy Rangelands: Principles for Sustainable Systems, Focus on Australia’s Burdekin Rangelands , brings together an extensive array of information on land use, manage­ment and biophysical systems in this Queensland catchment. The Burdekin Catchment is an important component of the pastoral estate in the north Australian rangelands, and one that plays a significant role in the regional economy.

The book’s purpose is to take an integrated approach to sustainable management based on knowledge of the various landscape components and their complex interactions. Issues facing natural resource managers in the catchment are both localised, such as the long-term sustainability of the resource base for grazing and other land uses, and external, such as the relationship between the catchment and the neigh­bouring Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

Healthy Rangelands takes a carefully structured, systematic approach to the management of the upper Burdekin rangelands, drawing on the best available knowledge from a wide variety of sources. Information is presented in a way that links sophisticated scientific insight with practical management approaches, focusing on the special features and challenges of the Burdekin catchment. — Gordon Duff

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