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Annual reports

All the CRC annual reports are available here as PDFs: 1995–2001, the first round of the Tropical Savannas CRC and from the CRC's second round, 2001 to the present. File sizes are shown below the PDF titles.

Hardcopy versions of all our annual reports up until 2003–2004 are available and we are happy to send them to you.

Change to annual reporting requirements from 2003

From 2003, the CRC Secretariat no longer required a hard-copy printed version of the annual report, and now accepts a PDF or Word version on CD. Detailed financial information is submitted separately to the CRC Secretriat. You can download PDFs from 2003 to 2005 of this information by clicking on Financial Information Reporting on the navigation bar at left.

This financial information is now entered online (from 2005 onward) and no longer appear in our annual reports. Details on grants and contracts are still shown in the overall report you can download below.

A short colour publication with highlights from the year's research is also available. Contact us for a copy.