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Savanna Links 

The CRC also produced Savanna Links , a quarterly to twice-yearly magazine which covered many issues central to sustainable land management in northern Australia.

News around the savannas 

The Topical Savannas newsletter, produced by the Tropical Savannas CRC around every six to eight weeks, provided a round-up of NRM news and events across the savannas. It also included updates on news and products from CRC.  

Topical Savannas, which is no longer produced, was compiled by Fran Bancroft, Julie Crough, Peter Jacklyn and Kate O'Donnell.

Jill Landsberg Trust Fund

The Ecological Society of Australia has established the Jill Landsberg Trust Fund to honour the life of eminent Australian ecologist, Dr Jill Landsberg, who died prematurely in May 2005. The trust will fund an ongoing postgraduate scholarship in the field of Applied Ecology. Donations are now invited from friends and colleagues who wish to further this cause. Donations are tax deductible.

You can download a donation form below.