Issue 126, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas, and not quite goodbye

The Communications Team, on behalf of the Tropical Savannas CRC, would like to wish all our readers a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. The Centre officially closes its doors on December 31 after two incarnations, fourteen and a half years and 126 issues of this newsletter.

While the Centre is ending, many of the initiatives it has been involved in are continuing. In this issue you can read about how the West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Project is being highlighted this week at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference and how the NAFI website has delivered over half a million fire maps in the last 10 weeks to fire managers from Broome to Brisbane, and that its future, for the next couple of years is now assured.

Although the CRC will officially end in a couple of weeks, it will take another three months for CEO David Garnett and Business Manager Kieth Boakes to complete all reports and wind up the finances. Between now and March 31 there will be at least one more Topical Savannas with final updates which will include an update on the Northern Ventures CRC bid.