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CRC Workshops and Meetings

CRC project leaders often arrange workshops and meetings regarding their projects and issues surrounding the research. If you're interested in attending these meetings—whether you're a member of the public, stakeholder or another CRC researcher—please contact the person arranging the workshop or meeting. Contact details at the bottom of the page.

Tropical Savannas CRC - Savannas Futures Forum

February 28, 2008. Darwin, Northern Territory

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Venue: Mal Nairn Auditorium, Charles Darwin University

This will be the Tropical Savannas CRC's final forum, to which all members - past and present - and friends of the Tropical Savannas CRC are invited.

There is NO registration fee.

This forum will review the lessons learned in the last decade or so, but more importantly, will assess how this knowledge can be applied in the years ahead. What is the future for Australia's tropical savannas? We are still finalising the agenda for the day, but the talks will reflect our existing themes, namely:

  • Landscape ecology and health
  • Industry and community NRM
  • Regional planning and management
  • Human capability development

The book Future Options for North Australia, by Stephen Garnett, John Woinarski, Rolf Gerritson and Gordon Duff will be launched at the forum. Applying scenario-building being undertaken at a global or national level to our own region, Future Options offers perspectives on the direction northern Australia might take over the next 20 to 50 years. 

It begins with a description of factors most likely to influence the region (population, social factors, land and natural resource ownership, government policy, global economics and trade, resource availability and use, climate change, weeds and pests, technological change). It then considers how these drivers might interact to determine what our portion of the planet might look like in coming decades, identifying bottlenecks and decision points that will influence which scenarios are the most likely.

Finally, the book seeks to identify what residents and decision makers of the north might do to maximise benefits and minimise the damage (social and environmental) associated with the drivers and their interactions.

Please contact David Garnett if you would like to be included in our mailing list for any future notices.

Contact: David Garnet, CEO Tropical Savannas CRC
Tel: 08 89 467 101  Fax: 08 89 467 107

Previous Meetings:

International Workshop: Integrated Rural Development in Nusa Tenggara Timur Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

April 5–7, 2006

Venue: Cristal Hotel, Kupang

The Integrated Rural Development Conference in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) aims to review the major factors influencing rural development in eastern Indonesia by engaging critical eastern Indonesian government agencies, educational institutions and NGOs, and their Australian counterparts, with activities in the areas of poverty alleviation, food security, sustainable land and catchments management, crop, livestock and forestry enterprises, and capacity building and training.

The conference is supported by Charles Darwin University (CDU), Bushfires Council of the Northern Territory (BFC), Tropical Savannas Management Cooperative Research Centre (TS–CRC), BAPPEDA NTT, University of the Sunshine Coast, Wira Wacana University, E. Sumba, ACIAR and AusAID.

CRC Annual Meeting

Date: 28 February — March 1
Venue: Darwin
Contact: Jemma Walshe / Project leaders. All invited.

Download complete details of the meeting in PDF form below.


DAY 1 Tuesday, 28 February

1.30 – 3pm: Welcome & Introductions - Gordon Duff and Managing Savanna Fire (covering current outcomes and future directions with greenhouse offsets etc.)

3:30 – 5pm: Biodiversity and Savanna Health (covering terrestrial and riparian health, soil biodiversity, development of tools for biodiversity managers etc.)

DAY 2 - Wednesday 1 March:

8:30 Indigenous Knowledge & Livelihoods (covering the turtle and dugong project, Indigenous ecological knowledge, the Arnhem Land fire abatement project etc.)

10:30 – 12:30 Grazing Landscapes (covering Grazing Land Management tools, the dynamic savannas project on vegetation change, managing biodiversity on grazing lands etc.)

1.30 – 3pm Regional Futures (covering regional planning, outback livelihoods, regional futures in the east Kimberley etc.)

3:30 - 5 pm Tropical Savannas CRC Past, Present & Future (covering tropical knowledge for schools, the knowledge building project, economic impact assessment of the TS-CRC from the Centre for International Economics etc.)

National Riparian Lands R&D Program Synthesis Workshops

13–14 March, Darwin
CSIRO Seminar Room, 20 Vanderlin Drive, Berrimah NT
Contact: Ian Dixon

Anyone active in tropical land management (e.g. Government, private consultants, community interest groups, Indigenous, pastoralist, conservation) is welcome to attend.

DynaSav Project meeting

Date: 21–22 November
Venue: Lake Bennet, Northern Territory
Contact: David Gillieson

Natural Resource Management Workshop

Date: 11 October
Venue: Palmerston Room,
Cairns Colonial Club Resort
Contact: Paul Novelly

North Australia Fire Manager’s Forum meeting

Date: 4 August
Venue: Mecure Hotel, Irwin St, Perth
Contact: Gordon Duff.

Fire Knowledge Meeting–fire project staff

Date: 8–9 August
Venue: Holiday Inn, Darwin
Contact: Peter Jacklyn.

North Australian Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance

2005 Forum *Invitation only*

Date: 12–14 August
Venue: Bizant Ranger Base, Lakefield National Park, Cape York.
Contact: Joe Morrison, NAILSMA.

Weed Risk Assessment Workshop

Darwin, September 6–7
Contact: Samantha Setterfield

Eastern Indonesia fire management workshop

Date: November 7
Venue: Kupang
Contact: Jeremy Russell-Smith

Dynamic Savanna Project Meeting, Townsville

Thursday 17 March, 12 noon to Friday, 18 March, 2005
Venue: Yongala Lodge, Fryer Street, Townsville.

Contact person: Prof. Dave Gillieson, James Cook University, Townsville/Cairns

What it's about: This workshop is to discuss details of a new CRC project on vegetation change in the savannas ( see link to research project below ). This project aims to help develop sustainable management systems for woody vegetation in tropical savannas. It will develop better methods for quantifying woody vegetation change, then apply those methods to selected case study areas to investigate the nature, extent, causes, impacts and treatments of woody vegetation change across northern Australia.


Thursday afternoon :

  • Welcome, and progress report from project leaders
  • Reports from activity lead persons (Alex, Rod, Steven, Garry, Dave)
  • Timing and coordination of fieldwork in 2005 to facilitate interaction


  • Development of communication plan (internal and external)
  • Structure and components of Dynamic Savanna website (including NAFI links)
  • Development of draft 2005/06 budget
  • Data storage and sharing arrangements

Contact Prof. Dave Gillieson in Townsville on 07 4781 6934 / in Cairns: 07 4042 1389

Savanna Futures Forum - Summaries & Registration

Futures Forum Summaries
Summaries of talks for the Savanna Futures Forum, 28th Feb 2008 [pdf 636.8 kb]

Board and advisory committee meetings


February, Darwin
  • Savannas Futures Forum: 28 February 
  • Board of Management:  29 February


February, Darwin
  • Workshop for future of CRC: 7 February 
  • Board of Management:  8 February
July, Cairns
  • Board of Management: 5 July
  • Savanna Advisory Committee: 4 July (TBC)
November, Darwin 
  • Board of Management: 14 November


February/March, Darwin
  • 28 February — March 1–2: Savanna Advisory Committee
  • Board of Management,
  • CRC annual meeting
16 March, Cairns
  • Board Meeting
  • Rebid, Preliminary Business Case
14 15 June, Cairns
  • Savanna Advisory Committee & Board of Management
  • Project Preview & Budget Meeting
13–14 September, Darwin
  • Savanna Advisory Committee & Board of Management


  • 9: Savanna Advisory Committee, Townsville
  • 10: Board of Management, Townsville
  • 1: Savanna Advisory Committee, Darwin
  • 2: Board of Management, Darwin
  • 12: Savanna Advisory Committee, Cairns
  • 13: Board of Management, Cairns