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Staff and students of the Tropical Savannas CRC: a lively bunch

Communication unit

Find out how the communication unit can help you with web pages on the TS-CRC site, information sheets, brochures, displays and other communication needs.

CRC logos and powerpoints

Download CRC logos, including the CRC Secretariat logo. Contact details are provided to obtain CRC templates for powerpoint presentations.

Name of the CRC

The full name of the CRC is the Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Savannas Management. The short title is Tropical Savannas CRC or Tropical Savannas Management CRC. AND why we don't use "h" in savanna. Find out >>

Procedures for press releases and advertisements


Information and resources for staff

To view the resources of the staff website, you need to log on at right. For the user name and password, please contact Peter Jacklyn, contact details at right.

On the staff website we have an archive of the TS-CRC's staff newsletter,Topical Savannas, an up-to-date contact list of researchers, staff, Board, Savanna Advisory Committee, Scientific Program Advisory Group archive, communication resources and more.

TS-CRC Policy

Go to this section to read the CRC's policy on the project approval process and higher research graduates. Read more >>

Topical Savannas: the staff newsletter

Topical Savannas keeps you up to date on who's doing what across the savannas in the CRC, updates of the various research projects involving the Centre, news on the latest meetings and workshops run by the Centre, and a calendar of events from across the savannas. Occasionally there are jokes. Go see >>


You can read CRC Reviews and Annual Reports in our Publications section. Available here are evaluations from the Scientific Program Group.

TS-CRC Staff List

The staff contact list includes all CRC staff and researchers, members of the Board, Management Group, Stakeholder Advisory Committee and Scientific Program Advisory Group. If you have contact details that need updating, just email: , or see the contact details below.

List of Abbreviations

An index of the acronyms and abbreviations used in the TS-CRC. There are also links to websites where available.