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The Savanna Explorer Website

Savanna Explorer4In this website the content is tailored for a general audience. It features general overviews of NRM issues in north Australia and like the earlier site is organized around a series of major NRM topics such as fire, weeds, feral animals, grazing and native plants and animals which are in turn treated at different scales from global, to whole of north Australia, and sub-regions. Unlike the earlier site, however, the new site has a greater emphasis on the people who make a living from NRM with topics on Indigenous caring for country, pastoralism, conservation management, tourism etc.

The site takes advantage of its links with the broad range of researchers and land managers through the Tropical Savannas CRC – and with its links with the Land Manager, NAFI and Dynasav websites – to present the latest information on NRM and the people who manage the north.

While it is designed for a broad general audience – a particular focus is on providing an information resource for schools and it will be linked with the Environorth website (below).

To visit the site, click on "Savanna Explorer" in the menu at left.