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The North Australian Fire Information Website

NAFIThis website displays satellite information on the location of current fires (“hotspots”) in close-to-real-time across the whole of north Australia – including all of rural and remote Queensland. There are also weekly updates on the positions of country burnt by fire (fire-scars). The data comes from various satellites to maximize coverage across north Australia. Hotspot data is sourced from the WA Department of Land Information and Geoscience Australia, while fire scar maps are generated by the TS-CRC.

The site also provides: weather information such as wind speeds and temperature; various fire history maps; lightning strike locations; satellite imagesa range of tools for analysing fire behaviour; notification by email of fires in a given area.

The NAFI site is specifically designed to meet the needs of northern fire managers as many northern fire managers have slower internet connections the site is customised to provide fire maps very rapidly; also the combination of hotspots and hand-mapped fire scars and the way they are displayed has been tailored to meet the needs of the landscape-scale fire management in the north.

End users were involved in developing and designing site.

In this way the site adds value to the hotspot data provided by WA DLI and Geoscience Australia. The TS-CRC works closely with these two organisations to improve the service offered through user feedback.

To visit the site click on "NAFI website" in the menu at the left.