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The North Australian Land Manager Website

Land Manager 2This website is designed to be a “clearinghouse” of practical information for land managers across northern Australia (where managers include facilitators, planners etc.).

The site functions rather like a search engine set up to find information resources relevant north Australian NRM.

It addresses the following factors:

  • The common challenges of NRM across the Tropical Savannas which means managers in one region can learn from managers in similar country in a neighbouring jurisdiction or region. The site allows managers in one region to easily see what information is on offer on their topics of interest in other regions.
  • Land managers don’t compartmentalize weeds, fire, ferals, etc. so a range of topics are catered for many of which are interrelated. Topics are organized broadly into threats (fire, weeds, ferals) assets (biodiversity, soil & land, rivers and wetlands) livelihoods (grazing, customary, other etc.) with sub-topics in each.
  • The fact that the north is generally poorly serviced by NRM information providers who are mostly based further south. For a given NRM topic the site links to numerous information sources across Australia and the world that would otherwise be difficult for northern managers to track down.
  • The need to complement other NRM clearinghouses. The site has numerous links to other major NRM websites in Australia and is working with AANRO to allow users of this website to gain better access to references.

It provides:

  • articles that provide overviews of various natural resource management (NRM) issues
  • practical examples of NRM in particular types of country
  • plain English summaries of research
  • links to relevant information (management plans, fact sheets, manuals)
  • links to relevant websites
  • useful contacts and much more.

All these items are displayed in a navigation system that allows users to quickly search through a range of topics for different regions – and browse relevant items in other topics and regions.

Over 5000 items are on the website’s database so far and more being added all the time. These items are in the process of being geo-referenced so they can also be displayed on maps

To visit the site, click on "Land Manager Website" in the left hand menu.