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NHT Infonet project

Web-based dynamic reports on biodiversity, fire, weeds and feral information

This two-year project, funded by the Natural Heritage Trust, has developed a website that allows users to select any area of land in the Northern Territory and create a pdf summary of NRM data for that area suitable for NRM planning.


 The pdf summaries are created by drawing on the latest spatial data on biodiversity, weeds, fire and feral data in Northern Territory Government databases. The summary reports and the website also provide links to information to help people manage biodiversity, fire, weeds and ferals.

Much of the summary report information is presented as maps which provide one of the most effective means of making NRM information more useful to land managers and planners.

Project partners

  • Tropical Savannas CRC
  • NT Dept of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts
  • Northern Territory Land Council Caring for Country Unit
  • Ecobyte Systems

The Website

You can visit the NT NRM Infonet website by going to