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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are tropical savannas? Where do you find them? What's the difference between African and Australian savannas? Answers to simple and not-so-simple questions about the tropical savannas.

Fire Knowledge Project

A summary of the achievements of this major Natural Heritage Trust funded project that made fire management information more accessible and helped build fore management knowledge in northern Australia.

West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Project

An innovative, cooperative project between Indigenous communities, government and the energy industry that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance cultural and biodiversity values by limiting destructive wildfires in West Arnhem Land.

Explore the practical web-based tools that were developed by the Tropical Savannas CRC

Savanna Explorer A website devoted to accessible information on Australia's savannas: plants, animals, climate, fire, weeds, industries, geology, soils and the people who live here.

Land Manager Website Links to practical information and tools for land managers and planners across north Australia. The site is organised around the different regions and different challenges faced by natural resource managers.

Fire North: NAFI fire-tracking website Maps the location of burning bushfires in close to real time across north Australia. Also maps new "fire scars" or burnt country every week.

Infonet website This site  produces pdf reports that summarise various natural resource trends, threats and assets for a given area of land in the NT. A useful tool for property planning.


Savanna Links and CRC Publications

The CRC's bi-annual newsletter, Savanna Links , is a mine of information on savanna land management. All issues are archived online, or contact us to subscribe (free). Read the latest >>

CRC publications also include Savanna Burning , a practical guide and information resource for managing fire in Australia's tropical savannas, and Slower than the eye can see , an environmental history of the Victoria River District. Take a look >>

North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management

The Tropical Savannas CRC hosts the Indigenous land management alliance: NAILSMA, the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance.

The Alliance comprises a partnership between the Kimberley, Northern and Carpentaria Land Councils and the Balkanu Cape York Development Association. It aims to support practical Indigenous land and sea management using strategic approaches to care for country with an emphasis on practical management by Traditional Owners across the whole of the North. It is a partner agency of the Tropical Savannas CRC and represents the interests of Indigenous land and sea managers across northern Australia to the CRC’s Board of Management.

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