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Fire Knowledge Project

Fire front in the savannas

This project, funded by the Natural Heritage Trust, and coordinated by the Tropical Savannas CRC, brought together research and knowledge on north Australian fires and made it more widely available to fire managers. The main stakeholders in the project are the regional NHT groups that cover northern Australia.

Project Outputs

The project has produced a number of significant outputs:

  • A range of fire management options and guidelines that have been incorporated into regional NRM plans
  • A fire-tracking website - the North Australian Fire Information (NAFI) website that is now a key tool of north Australian fire managers.
  • A clearinghouse of fire management information that is part of the North Australian Land Managers Website
  • A comprehesive, interactive guide to vegetation change data in north Australia - the Dynasav website
  • Accessible, engaging information on northern fire management for the general public as part of the Savanna Explorer website
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