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Tropical Savanna Knowledge for Schools


The Tropical Savannas Knowledge in Schools project provides resources and curriculum support materials for learning about, and how to sustainably manage Australia’s tropical savannas.

The project involves the Tropical Savannas Cooperative Research Centre and partners:

  • Northern Territory Department of Employment, Education and Training, teachers and schools to develop a comprehensive and interactive website about Tropical Savannas Knowledge that links with the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework, VET modules and Stage 1 and 2 SSABSA courses.


  • To develop an interactive website that will facilitate and enhance teaching and learning about the sustainability of Tropical Savannas in Australia, in collaboration with TS–CRC partners and the Northern Territory Department of Employment, Education and Training (DEET).

  • To develop links and partnerships with Education Queensland and the Department of Education and Training, Western Australia.

  • To develop other resources (e.g. CD-ROM) that are identified during the project.

  • To foster and facilitate maximum uptake and use of the website through professional learning for teachers.


Currently, there are no comprehensive Northern Territory Layer 2 curriculum support materials for Northern Territory Curriculum Framework (NTCF), Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Vocational Education and Training relating to sustaining the environment of northern Australia.

Tropical Savannas CRC and its 16 partners are recognised as the principle brokers of knowledge relating to the above and related areas. The content of the website was developed in consultation with TS–CRC partners ensuring accuracy and reliability.


This project provides a long-term opportunity to improve capacity for school students and teachers to sustain Australia's tropical savannas. If students and teachers have a more comprehensive understanding of the environment in which they live, how it functions as well as an appreciation of the values and perspectives about it, this will help provide a more positive future in terms of social, economic, environmental and educational outcomes.


EnviroNorth online

The EnviroNorth website is now online. Two interactive learning modules, Savanna Walkabout which explores the people and diversity of tropical savanna environments, and Burning Issues, which looks at the role of fire in northern landscapes are available.  Other modules in planning are: Cattle Country and Caring for Country (Indigenous).

The site has three sections:

  • Teach Savannas supports classroom teaching and learning materials related to the student modules (in Learn Savannas) for the middle years.

  • Learn Savannas features structured, interactive modules - Savanna Walkabout and Burning Issues. The modules are full of animation, engaging graphics and mini-movies that emphasise not just the remarkable north Australian landscapes and wildlife but also the people who manage and know the country.

  • Savanna Windows links students and teachers to an educational version of the Savanna Explorer website with information on the wildlife, landscapes, people and NRM issues of the tropical savannas.
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