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PhD student Leonie Valentine PhD student Alex Kutt PhD student Stephen Johnson Inspecting feral pig damage

Professional development

The CRC offers additional professional development for its graduate students, such as courses in scientific writing and media skills, occupational health and safety, research utilisation and project management.

Students engaged in the TS–CRC will gain an understanding of the CRC Program and the way it is bringing about change in Australia’s research culture.

Current PhD Research

PhD students supported by the TS–CRC contribute directly to the Centre's research and the better understanding of Australia's northern landscapes. The CRC helps link graduate students directly with stakeholders and industry personnel, helping ensure a practical research focus into sustainable land-management research.

Our overall research program brings together researchers from its 16 partner agencies spread across Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Graduate students benefit from our whole-of-savannas view of land-management and links to researchers from different sectors.

PhD projects cover a wide range of disciplines and interests, and to read about the projects, just scroll through the navigation bar at left.



Diverse range of research

From fauna and flora in Australia's north to Indigenous involvemenet in the tourism industry, CRC students are involved in a diverse range of research.

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Completed PhD Research

Read about PhD projects completed during the first round of the Tropical Savannas CRC 1996-2001. Go to 1996-2001 PhD projects>>