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PhD Projects: Completed


Diverse range of research


From soil and water plant use to sustainability of remote towns—read about these diverse PhD projects.

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Current PhD projects


Read about our current PhD projects which look at areas including impacts of fire and grazing on flora and fauna, Indigenous involvement in tourism, fauna under threat in Australia's north and the impact of invasive exotic plants.
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Dr Fiona Fraser 

Completed PhD projects

PhD students supported by the TS–CRC contribute directly to the Centre's research and the better understanding of Australia's northern landscapes. The CRC helps link graduate students directly with stakeholders and industry personnel, helping ensure a practical research focus into sustainable land-management research.

Our overall research program brings together researchers from its 16 partner agencies spread across Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Graduate students benefit from our whole-of-savannas view of land-management and links to researchers from different sectors.

PhD projects cover a wide range of disciplines and interests, and to read about the projects, just scroll through the navigation bar at left.


Student in the savannas Dr Myf Runcie Natalie Rossiter in front of gamba grass

Student research

Students engaged in the TS–CRC gain an understanding of Australia's CRC Program and the way it is bringing about change in Australia’s research culture.  


Applying for scholarships


If you'd like to apply for postgraduate research with the Tropical Savannas CRC, just go to our Research Scholarships page in this section.

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