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TS-CRC Student project - Fate of Heavy metal contaminants from Rum Jungle Uranium Mine into the Finniss River, Northern Territory, Australia

Charles Darwin University

Jenny Brazier

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This project seeks to determine the fate of metal pollutants released from the Rum Jungle uranium/copper mine into the Finniss River during its operation from 1954 to 1971 and since its closure and rehabilitation (1983–88). This will enable:

  • An understanding of the processes of geochemical cycling of heavy metals between water and sediment of the Finniss River downstream of the mine site.
  • Mapping the extent of this movement based on metals chemistry, isotopic analysis and Pb-210 dating of the river and floodplain sediments.
  • Proposing future cycling and metal movement from the mine site and along the Finniss River.
  • Increased knowledge of acid mine drainage and metals cycling in tropical river systems.


Associate Professor David Parry (Principal)
Dr. Niels Munksgaard (Associate)
Dr. Henk Heijnis (External associate, ANSTO)
Dr. Andreas Bollhoefer (External associate, ERISS)