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TS-CRC Student project - An evaluation of and methods for integrating biodiversity conservation into natural resource management planning in the tropical savannas of northern Australia

University of Queensland

Jason Jones


  • Investigate the key issues and threatening processes affecting terrestrial biodiversity in the tropical savannas.
  • Refine the criteria used to evaluate the success of NRM plans in terms of biodiversity conservation.
  • Identify constraints on incorporating biodiversity conservation into the planning process.
  • Provide an assessment of the information base (and its accessibility) currently available to plan-makers.
  • Develop ways to better incorporate biodiversity conservation into regional NRM plans.

Expected Outcomes

  • Methodology to monitor, evaluate and improve regional NRM policy and planning in relation to biodiversity in the tropical savannas.
  • Knowledge-based tools for better integrating biodiversity conservation into regional natural resource planning.


Mr Jason Jones
PhD Candidate
University of Queensland/CSIRO SE
Tel: 07 3214 2329

Queensland Bioscience Precinct 306 Carmody Rd