TS-CRC Student project - Integrating GIS and remote sensing technologies to support natural resource management by indigenous people in the Northern Territory

Northern Territory University, Darwin

Janice Crerar

In recent times there was greater understanding of the necessity for Aboriginal people within the Northern Territory to manage their own resources. The boundaries of traditional Aboriginal lands are not detailed in existing maps for this area. At this time issues as to ownership of resources are unclear and mapping of traditional areas could assist in their resolution. The research is being carried out in liaison with the local indigenous groups.

There are three main objectives:

  • Integrate Remote Sensing images within a GIS environment to create a database of the study area. Thematic layers within the GIS will include information on cultural boundaries in relation to the resources of interest.
  • Identify in detail crocodile nesting sites for inclusion within the database as crocodile eggs are a valuable resource in economic terms.
  • Liaise with traditional groups with local knowledge of the study area. Supervisors:


Professor Greg Hill, Northern Territory University
Dr Waqar Ahmad, Northern Territory University