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Education and training in the tropical savannas

Extension and vocational

Between 1998 and 2001 training materials were developed for weed, fire and grazing management, including course materials for TAFE colleges. A major publication, Savanna Burning, was also produced, along with a video on weed management on Aboriginal lands.

Education materials for people in the savannas

The TS–CRC's education and training program provided education materials, as well as their delivery and transfer, to a wide range of stakeholders.

The program was led by Dr Penny Wurm at Charles Darwin University.

The education program supported a wide array of postgraduate research scholarships, which you can read about it in this section.

The Centre also developed the Graduate Certificate, Diploma, Master and Doctorate of Tropical Environmental Management. These programs will continue. Read about them at left, or at

The Postgraduate Program in Tropical Environmental Management provides students with the opportunity to study, develop, and gain skills in the sustainable management of tropical ecosystems.

Julie Crough led the Tropical Savannas Knowledge for Schools project, which developed the EnviroNorth website. This website provides curriculum support resources and materials that enhance and improve the understanding of Australia’s tropical savannas.


TS–CRC student research projects

PhD, Honours and Masters students supported by the TS–CRC contribute directly to the Centre's research. It helps link graduate students directly with stakeholders and industry personnel, helping ensure a practical research focus into sustainable land-management research.

Read about student projects from 2001–2007

Read about student projects from 1996–2001

Students who wish to have a web page on their research should contact the CRC's Communication Unit.

Savanna Links

 The CRC's newsletter Savanna Links has covered the results of a number of student projects. Click on the links below to go to the issue, then scroll to find the article: