TS-CRC Student project - Carbon balance of a tropical savanna in the Northern Territory

Northern Territory University. Completed.

Chen Xiaoyong

Chen Xiaoyong (right), with Lindsay Hutley, carrying out fieldwork

Chen Xiaoyong (right), with Lindsay Hutley, carrying out fieldwork

This project quantified the accumulation, allocation, consumption and transfer of carbon in a tropical savanna ecosystem near Darwin, in the Northern Territory. The annual input and output of carbon in the system was calculated to obtain the overall carbon budget of the ecosystem, through measurements of:

  • above-ground biomass of six important trees species of  savannas near Darwin
  • below-ground biomass
  • relationships between biomass and tree diameter (DBH)
  • daily fluxes of CO 2   in both dry and wet seasons
  • annual growth and productivity of savanna trees
  • root growth and turnover measurement using root growth bags
  • seasonal changes of fine root growth using root rhizotrons
  • seasonal changes of soil respiration
  • seasonal patterns of litterfall
  • carbon storage in the soil


Dr Chen Xiaoyong
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