TS-CRC Student project - Regional resource use planning: the potential and limits of adaptive and collaborative models

Australian National University: Completed

Catherine Mobbs

Commenced 1996

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My project concerned regional planning for sustainable natural resources management. Field work for this research was primarily conducted in relation to two major case studies - the Cape York Peninsula Land Use Strategy (CYPLUS) and the Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) process in New South Wales. The case studies were analysed using criteria drawn from adaptive management, ecosystem management, policy, and planning literature.

A workshop was also organised on stakeholder processes in three regional planning projects in the Australian rangelands: the Rangeways project in the WA Goldfields region, the Central Highlands Regional Resource Use Planning Project in Central Queensland, and the NSW Regional Forest Agreement process. Data from this workshop contributed to the analysis of the opportunities and constraints facing regional resource use planning.

I also contributed to a consultancy on the role of social, economic, legal, policy and institutional R&D for natural resources management.


Country Matters Conference, Canberra 20-21 May 1999, hosted by the Bureau of Rural Sciences

International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Brisbane, July 1999.