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TS-CRC Student project - Social investigation of factors influencing graziers’ decision making with regard to riparian management in the upper Burdekin catchment region

James Cook University

Allyson Lankester

Masters' project


This research project will focus on the question: What is influencing graziers’ decision-making in their management of riparian areas in the upper Burdekin catchment? The project will be investigating what beliefs and perceptions are influencing graziers’ decision-making, attitudes and ultimately behaviour surrounding riparian management. The study will also explore what factors graziers identify as controlling their capacity to adopt recommended riparian management practices, as well as the benefits accrued by graziers that have adopted these practices.

Riparian management has been identified as a high priority Natural Resource Management (NRM) issue in the recent planning process for the Burdekin Dry Tropics region (Fenton 2004). The adoption of recommended practices by graziers is voluntary and therefore very much dependent on the individual landholder. Hence, the uptake of recommended practices depends considerably on the beliefs, attitudes and perceptions of graziers.


Principal Supervisor: Prof. Peter Valentine
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Mark Fenton
Tropical Savannas CRC Supervisor: Roger Landsberg