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What was unique about the TS–CRC

How we were formed

The Tropical Savannas CRC helped make land management research more useful to the various land managers and agencies across the tropical savannas—and in this way helped ensure sustainable conservation and use of the tropical savannas. We did this by adding value to the work already done by our partners, by filling gaps in savanna research with a whole-of-savannas perspective, by bringing different people together on the ground to work on practical land management issues and by spreading the word with education and communication programs.

We filled in gaps in savanna research

Achieving sustainable land management across the tropical savannas involves understanding how this vast landscape works and how various savanna ecosystems function. The TS–CRC took up this research challenge by bringing together researchers from different disciplines, sectors and regions. These researchers were drawn from our 16 partner agencies who were the major providers of research and information in northern Australia, as well as the major policy-makers. Find out more about who our partners were by looking at the Partner agencies link on the left.

Together they tackled some of the big-picture issues in tropical savannas not dealt with by other organisations. For more information, check out our research section.

We added value to research by working with people on the ground

Researchers and user groups across the savannas have diverse attitudes and cultures. We helped people bridge these differences by bringing researchers and land users together to find practical solutions to the management issues of a region. The TS–CRC used this approach in management studies in three different regions across the savannas. For more information go to our research section.

We spread the word with education and communication programs

Tropical savannas research is often difficult for land users and others to access. To overcome this problem the TS–CRC developed educational courses on tropical environmental management that continues to meet the needs of a range of people in urban and remote areas by using CD ROM. Take a look at our Education and Training programs, links below.

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