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Stakeholder advisory committee

  Tropical Savannas CRC Advisory Committee, March, 2005
Savanna Advisory Committee, with CRC researchers and staff, at their meeting in Townsville in March 2005.
From left standing: David Garnett, CRC staff; Roger Landsberg, Ross Brunkhorst, John Kerin, CRC Chair; Darryl Pearce, CRC staff member Brian Slatter and CRC research theme leaders Joe Morrison and John Ludwig.
From left sitting: Sonia Tidemann, former CRC CEO Gordon Duff, Jann Crase and Wayne Hall.
Absent: Paul Jenkins, Rick Murray, Tony Law, Tom Vigilante.
Photo: Andrew Rankin

Members of the Savanna Advisory Committee represented the social and enterprise groups across the savannas and they were a major reference for stakeholder values. The Committee provided a relevance check on the Centre's research, communication and education programs. It provided advice to the Board on stakeholder needs and issues. 

Membership in July 2006:

  • Mr Darryl Pearce,  South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council
    Chair, Savanna Advisory Group
  • Mr Ross Brunckhorst, Pastoral Enterprises, Yeronga, Qld. —  Pastoral sector
  • Ms Jann Crase, North Australian Environmental Alliance — Environmental sector
  • Mr Wayne Hall, Meat & Livestock Australia — Pastoral sector
  • Mr Paul Jenkins, Indigenous Land Corporation — Indigenous sector
  • Mr Roger Landsberg,Pastoral Enterprises, Burdekin, Qld. — Pastoral sector
  • Mr Tony Law,Department of Defence — Defence sector
  • Mr Rick Murray, Odyssey Tours & Safaris — Tourism Sector
  • Dr Sonia Tidemann, Batchelor Institute for Indigenous Teacher Education —  Education sector
  • Dr Tom Vigilante, Kimberley Land Council  — Indigenous sector