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Management Group

The TS-CRC Management Group provided strategic direction and analysis on the functions of the Centre and its resourcing, performance, processes and evaluation. It advised the CEO on strategic, operational and policy issues.

The Management Group comprised the CEO, Theme Leaders, Management Study Leaders, Business Manager, Communication Coordinator and others as co-opted by the CEO from time to time.

Membership in 2006:

  • Dr Alan Andersen, CSIRO
  • Dr Ockie Bosch, Project Leader
  • Mr Jim Davis, Balkanu Corporation
  • Dr David Garnett,  CEO, TS-CRC
  • Prof Stephen Garnett, Chair Tropical Knowledge, CDU
  • Dr Peter Jacklyn, co Theme Leader, Communication Coordinator
  • Dr John Ludwig, Theme Leader
  • Mr Joe Morrison, co Theme Leader 
  • Dr Paul Novelly, Theme Leader
  • Dr Mick Quirk , researcher
  • Mr Kieth Boakes,  TS-CRC Business Manager
  • Dr Peter Whitehead, Theme Leader
  • Dr John Woinarski, Project Leader
  • Dr Penny Wurm, Project Leader