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Pictured above is the Faculty of Science at Charles Darwin University, formerly the Northern Territory University. The head office of the Tropical Savannas CRC was located here. However, researchers were located right across Australia's savanna regions, see map at right.

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Welcome to the Website of the former Tropical Savannas CRC, which stands for the Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Savannas Management—or Tropical Savannas CRC for short.

Australia's tropical savannas cover almost a quarter of the continent ranging from Townsville on the East Coast across the Gulf, Top End and over to the Kimberley. The CRC carried out research right across this region.

The Tropical Savannas CRC was first established in 1995 by the National CRC Program and renewed in 2001. The Centre closed at the end of 2009.

The CRC's aim was to help ensure that the vast area of the savannas was healthy and managed to provide long-term benefits (economic, aesthetic, social and cultural) to those who use them and to sustain the biodiversity and habitat endemic to them.

You can read about our research, publications, and education programs in the various sections of this site. Go to our Savanna Information section to link to the websites we have developed on fire management, land management, general knowledge and innovative school programs.

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CRC researchers worked right across the shaded region.