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All CRCs are reviewed periodically throughout their seven-year life. Major reviews are typically held in the third and fifth years.

Here you can read the reviews of independent panels on the performance of the TS-CRC in its first term (1995-2001), and the First and Second Year Reviews of the TS-CRC's second term (2001 - 2009).

The CRC's two Strategy Statements, 1998–2002 and 2003–2007, can also be downloaded here.

In 2006, the CRC did not gain funding for its third-round CRC proposal: Tropical Savannas Futures CRC but was successfull in gaining some further funding to extend some of its programs until 2009.

Second Year Review 2003 (Second round of the CRC)

The first stage and second stage of the Second Year review of the CRC for Tropical Savannas Management, conducted in August and November 2003 respectively.

First Year Review 2002 (Second round of the CRC)

The First Year Visit to the CRC for Tropical Savannas Management was held at the Northern Territory University, Darwin on 25 March 2002. 

Fifth Year Review 2000

The Fifth Year review is the most important for any CRC, as it evaluates the entire overall performace of the CRC. The review occurs in two stages. The Stage 1 review, by an expert panel, took place 10-12 July, 2000. Stage 2 took place between 12-14 September 2000 (both reviews took place in Darwin). Both stages of the review had different expert panels. A printed version of the Fifth Year Review, including Stage 1 and 2 and Recommendations, is also available.

Free. ISBN: 0 9578489 35

Report of the Third Year Review 1998 (First round of the CRC)

The Centre's Third Year Review was held in Darwin from October 12-13, 1998. This report summarises the panel's findings and recommendations on Research and its Application, Management, Performance Indicators, Budget, Cooperative Arrangements, Public Relations and Education and Training.

Strategy Statement 1998-2002

In 1998 the Centre restructured its research program, defining the Centre's strategic direction until 2002. To read about our research direction and strategy you can download a PDF document Tropical Savannas CRC Strategy Statement 1998-2002. This document is available as a PDF and as a hardcopy version.


Future cut short for CRC

THE Tropical Savannas Cooperative Research Centre submitted a business case to the CRC Secretariat for a new CRC for Tropical Savannas Futures but despite making it to a short list of 20 proposals our case was not successful The new… [read more...]

Download CRC Reviews

CRC Report: Stage 1, Fifth Year Review, 2001
CRC Report: Stage 1, Fifth Year Review, 2001 [pdf 91.4 kb]

CRC Report: Stage 2, Fifth Year Review, 2001
CRC Report: Stage 2, Fifth Year Review, 2001 [pdf 77.6 kb]

CRC Report: Third Year Review, 1998
[pdf 98.8 kb]