Board of the Tropical Savannas CRC

Board of management

The Tropical Savannas CRC Board at their meeting in Townsville, March 2005, at the Museum of Tropical Queensland. A model of the wreck of the Pandora is in the background.
Top row from left: Greg Robbins, Bob Wasson, Rod Applegate, and Andrew Johnson.
Second row, from left: Tom Stockwell, John Courtenay, Gordon Duff (former CEO of Tropical Savannas CRC), Peter Yu.
Bottom row: Rick Murray (Savanna Advisory Committee), Barry Traill, John Kerin, Chair; Darryl Pearce.
Absent:Dr Renata Paliskis-Bessel, Dept of Agriculture, WA.
Photo: Andrew Rankin

Members' organisations / companies are listed below.

  CRC Board at its meeting in Townsville, March 2005

Due to the balanced representation of partner agencies and stakeholders, the Board had considerable strategic influence. Its decision-making power was also significantly enhanced by the breadth of representation. Their responsibilities were:

  • Monitoring and determining strategic development
  • Reporting to the Commonwealth on Centre achievements and agreed outcomes
  • Ensuring commercialisation of intellectual property
  • Approval of research, budget and financial plans.

Board membership in July 2006:

  • Chair: The Hon. John Kerin


  • Mr John Courtenay, Probe
  • Dr Andrew Johnson, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Dr Renata Paliskis-Bessel, Dept of Agriculture WA
  • Darryl Pearce, South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (Chair, Savanna Advisory Committee)
  • Dr Greg Robbins, Qld Dept Primary Industries & Fisheries
  • Dr David Ritchie, NT Dept Infrastructure, Planning & Enivironment
  • Mr Tom Stockwell, North Australia Beef Research Council 
  • Dr Barry Traill, Wilderness Society of Australia
  • Mr Peter Wellings, Parks Australia North
  • Prof. Bob Wasson, Charles Darwin University
  • Mr Peter Yu, WA Dept Housing & Works and Chair of the North Australian Indigeous Land and Sea Management Alliance.